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Unique NEW ways to RAISE MONEY and get FREE Ads!

  • Ask your sponsors to Give Some Get Some!  They share an Ad spot with you, they get a discount & you get a check & YOU both get Ads playing on our Network where ever you want to be seen!

  • Rent our Indoor or Outdoor Digital Signs for your next event and sell ad space for before/during/after!

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From The Desk of our Co-Founder & CEO:

Hi, I am Christine Tollefson and I am so thrilled you have stopped by to see if we can help you with some Fundraising, not to mention the millions of media impressions we can give you with our growing Ad Network !  

We think we have the perfect audience mix of those YOU serve and need to know about you, as well as those who help you stay in business and do more with your funds! See our Ad Network here   #Fundraiser #MN #CauseMarketing #GiveSomeGetSome