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Simply put, here at Alive Signage, we provide affordable and easy access ways to get messages out in real time with in house custom content digital screen(s) or get your message out to the masses by being seen on our Ad Network screens! 

Previously known as Tully Tube we are one of those businesses that started accidentally when we saw a need in our area for a unique way to be thought of everyday by the consumer. After much brainstorming, and crashing computer 5 times we figured it out, how to "Own time in the consumers mind!" as simple as putting a TV screen in front of them where they eat,work and play. Our minds are trained to watch TV, and this one they can't fast forward ;)

As for the In house custom content screens, we add a "virtual" salesperson to your team! Really, by adding one of our digital signs it is like having an extra salesperson, one that doesn't take breaks, get paid, need a day off or complain! ;) Many different uses for this tool.

Our growth plan is to provide these signs through strong referral partners, resellers & distributors, so if you or anyone you know is looking for additional revenue and has a strong B to B clientele they would be perfect to contact us 218-296-2090 or Christine@AliveSignage.com 

We still do all of the below as well, our name and focus has changed however we still have our own 40+ digital ad network signs and affiliated more!

Another piece about us is helping to bring all these fun & creative "ingredients" together to work best for YOU! We like to come up with promotions such as The Glimmer Project & 365 Days of Thanks...Tribute to the Troops...Supporting the Eagles Healing Nest! These are special ways to be seen by your audience.

Meet CoFounders, Sisters, Best Friends, (Christine's husband Tully not pictured)
(L)Carla Kuchinski , (R)Christine Tollefson
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